Photo of Morten Christoffersen

Hi, I'm Morten

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer, who thrives in the intersection of user experience strategy, user interface design and front-end development.

I'm currently leading UX and Product Design at DR, Denmark's largest public service media company.

I've previously designed products as part of the startup studio Founders, and before that I lived in San Francisco, where I led a team designers as US Creative Director for FFW Agency.

I was born in Denmark, and raised on a tradition of Nordic minimalism and functional aesthetics that I try my best to honor. On average week, I wear many hats: I run workshops and plan out digital strategy, I tackle complex information architecture and content strategy, and I spent countless hours in front of the screen nudging pixels, tweaking typography and coding up micro interactions.


If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email at

You can also learn more about me on LinkedIn, browse some of my sporadic shots on Dribbble or read my occasional blog posts on Medium.